Integrations 3D With my Photos

General / 17 February 2021

Hello, I want to share with you my first 3d integrations with my photos. It's test for fun. Hope you Like it. I will try to do more interestings things later.

model :

all the background behing the sidewalk. Yeah the windows are bad.. ^^

more photos here :

# 01 Reboot . Cyberpunk Art Challenge - "Captain View"

General / 20 February 2020

Hey I changed my concept in my mind, it was not too cyberpunk, cyberpunk need lot of technology and pessimist view.

In my lunch time, I quickly make a composition in 40min. 

We're going to be inside a security captain's apartment with a big view I think ! 

Next step tonight : 

 The Control Station & the life little flat